INSPIRE repository

Three main information resources serve the field of High-Energy Physics (HEP) which counts 30,000+ practitioners: arXiv (Cornell, United States), CDS (CERN, Switzerland), and SPIRES (SLAC, United States). These resources include collectively over two million records concerning HEP publications, with full metadata information and about half a million Open Access full-text scientific documents.

The four leading HEP laboratories (CERN in Switzerland, DESY in Germany, Fermilab and SLAC in the United States) have embarked on the realization of INSPIRE, a next-generation repository. INSPIRE will be developed in synergy with other partners (notably arXiv), integrating the content of CDS and SPIRES and enriching the metadata of scientific publications in a continuous dialogue with major publishers in the field in Europe and the United States.

A live beta release of INSPIRE is planned for 2009, reproducing the current functionality, and presenting the aggregated content, of arXiv, CDS and SPIRES with immediate add-ons through a Google-like search of both metadata and full-text. INSPIRE will then further develop to meet the user request of advanced tools for citation analysis, hybrid metrics and web2.0 features.